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Engineering Company Opens

Melbourne-based Data Flow Systems, the largest manufacturer of radio and network-based supervisory control and data acquisition equipment in the Southeastern United States, recently opened Indian River Engineering, a company tailored for the water utilities industry.

Indian River Engineering offers low-cost SCADA control designs and automation expertise for water and wastewater treatment applications. Some of the services offered include: P & ID development; process, motor and ladder logic control; loop and wiring diagrams; wastewater peak flow and force main pressure management; storm water modeling; drainage and conceptual land planning and permitting; HMI interfaces and; radio path propagation studies and link design for SCADA applications.

Data Flow Systems is a 28-year-old Melbourne company employing 65 people.

Steve Whitlock, Vice President, Customer Relations, said offering engineering service was a natural extension. Data Flow Systems found itself working with outside design engineers to install its product.

"We've done design work for years but always under the supervision of a professional engineer," Whitlock said. "This cuts out the middleman."

-- Posted Sep 14, 2009

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