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Data Flow Systems' Symphony™ SCADA Technique Slashes Energy Consumption

Data Flow Systems has introduced Symphony™ Harmonious Pump and Flow Management, a patent-pending technology, to their selection of SCADA features. Symphony™ uses SCADA to coordinate the activities of wastewater pump stations operating on a common force main. Symphony™ replaces pump stations' random controls with an elegant synchronization scheme that prevents pump stations from working against each other.

Typically, pump stations operate arbitrarily, on the basis of local controls. That is, when the wet well reaches a certain level, the pumps are engaged. Therefore, since most collection systems experience several daily flow peaks, it is not unusual for many pump stations to operate simultaneously. As a result of increased main pressures, pumps work harder and take longer to complete their pump-down cycles, resulting in increased energy consumption and more wear and tear on the pumps.

Symphony™ manipulates pump stations into an orderly progression that coordinates their operations. This results in a significant reduction in force main pressures. When pumps are not fighting high head pressures, they accomplish their jobs more quickly and operate at maximum efficiency. Pump run times can reduce by as much as 34 percent, significantly extending pump life, reducing wear and tear and cutting maintenance costs. Best of all, pump power consumptions have lowered by up to 42 percent! This significantly affects utility operational budgets and reduces the utility's carbon footprint.

Symphony™ can also help level the extreme peaks in a collection system's diurnal flows. The process effectively expands the collection system's capacity and allows the wastewater treatment plant to deal with a steadier, more regular inflow which favors the biological treatment process. When peak inflows are controlled, the risk of head works overflows is reduced and the need for peak surge storage structures is delayed or eliminated.

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-- Posted Feb 24, 2010

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