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Symbol Factory images available for HT3

We are now offering an "optional" HT3 update to include royalty-images from Software Toolbox. Although Symbol Factory.Net has some 3600 images, DFS has taken the time to export and reformat the 700+ industry-relevant images, and upload them into HT3. This optional update will include over 700 resizable images, pre-loaded into the HT3 screen building image picker, and ready for use in custom screens.

Because these images are owned by Software Toolbox, their use will require the purchase of Symbol Factory.Net, through DFS, at an exceptionally discounted price. The purchase will include the complete and licensed copy of Symbol Factory.Net, and all of the 3600 images it offers. Symbol Factory.Net is a download software program from Software Toolbox, and DFS will provide an activation key code with each purchase.

Note that you would only need to download the Symbol Factory software if you choose to use more than the 700+ images beyond what DFS has already included with the update. Please contact DFS or VAR for purchase. To see the complete list of images, visit

-- Posted Jan 30, 2013

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