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DFS Announces HT3 Mobile

Data Flow Systems, Inc. announces HT3 Mobile - a mobile device interface for its HyperTAC SCADA software. HT3 Mobile lets users interact with their SCADA system from a smart mobile device such as an Apple® iPhone™, Blackberry® Storm™, or Palm® Pre™.

While out of the office, walking through the plant, or working in the field, HT3 Mobile users can access their SCADA system to view information (status, alarms and trends) and perform actions (acknowledge alarms and perform system controls) typically done while sitting in front of a computer in the control room.

HT3 Mobile requires no special software be installed on the device; all operations are performed through a standard web browser with Javascript enabled. HT3 Mobile can connect to the Data Flow Systems SCADA system using an in-house network, Wi-Fi hotspot, or cellular phone network.

HT3 Mobile is scheduled for release in early 2010. Contact the DFS sales team to arrange a preproduction demonstration and check the Data Flow Systems web site ( for information and updates.

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