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DFS Celebrates 30 Years

This year, Data Flow Systems, a Melbourne, Florida manufacturer of radio and network-based telemetry and SCADA systems, celebrates the 30th anniversary of its first system installation.

Company president, Tom Smaidris, installed that first system himself. He and vice-president, Brent Saunders, designed the DFS system specifically for water utilities using a design that resisted obsolescence and allowed new technology to be integrated into mature systems, greatly reducing life cycle costs.

In its beginning, DFS operated in a 350 square foot office above a beauty salon in downtown Melbourne. We are still in Melbourne, but are now located in a modern, 33,000 square foot factory in the city's industrial district.

Today, many of those first remote terminal units that were installed 30 years ago are not only still fully operational, but are able to take advantage of the technical strides that DFS has made over the years. Symphony™, our unique pump and flow management technique, and HT3 Mobile, that provides a secure interface to our SCADA system through a hand-held smart phone, are examples of advances that are available to all system users.

As we move into our fourth decade of operations, DFS thanks our loyal customers for making us one of the country's largest providers of utility SCADA systems with over 10,000 RTUs operating in more than 250 utility systems in 17 states.

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