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Marion County System Expansion

DFS has recently been awarded a contract to expand the existing SCADA system in Marion County, Florida. The expansion will include two new polling loops, 33 new lift station RTUs and a county-wide system overview at county's utility headquarters.

Marion County already has an extensive DFS system that was installed in the first three phases of the SCADA project. The HT3-based system manages three polling loops that monitor and control Telemetry Control Units (TCU) at 49 wastewater lift stations. DFS also handles primary HMI and controls integration functions at the Stonecrest and Oak Run water treatment plants.

The new project, Phase 4, will add 33 new lift station TCUs and two new central terminal units.

DFS will also install a HyperSCADA Server at the county's emergency operations center at Pine Street. This system will tie in data from all county locations and allow utility personnel to monitor operations and alarm conditions from a single, central site.

The next phase of the project, which will add the remaining 72 county wastewater pumping stations, is scheduled to commence during the 2011 2012 fiscal year.

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