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Service - Above and Beyond

Recently we received a call from a customer in Georgia with a large number of RTUs in their system. "Our System is down! It stopped communicating at six o'clock this morning!" Using their system's maintenance modem and our remote access service capabilities, we began to check radio after radio. We discovered the problem was intermittent. Radios worked properly and for apparently no reason would drop offline. After exhausting all possible remote troubleshooting measures, it was evident that we needed to get on-site and see the problem up close. Our experience indicated RF interference was likely the root cause.

One of our Service Engineers, James MacArthur, left Melbourne to begin what would become a thirty-five (35) hour affair. James, with a car full of test gear and a yagi antenna, drove up and down streets throughout the utility's service area for hours on end trying to locate the source of the problem. At one point, around 3 AM, James was surrounded by several local police who had become suspicious of his activity. Satisfied with his explanation, they let James move on his way. Shortly thereafter, he located the source.

A small section of coaxial cable belonging to the local TV cable company was damaged and "leaking" energy. This leak was interfering with the DFS radios and causing a loss of communications. Once contacted by the utility, the TV cable company arrived quickly and repaired the damaged cable. The problem was proven solved as the SCADA system rapidly went back to gathering up-to-the-minute data for the utility.

Our customer was extremely happy that James was able to locate and solve the problem, even though it was not the DFS equipment.

For James' exceptional troubleshooting talents and dedication to customer service, he was honored with the company's very first "Royal Order of the Frayed Cable" award.

Great work James!

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