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Free Supervisor Training

DFS will offer free training on the supervisory level to all qualified customers on a first come, first served basis. DFS instructor, Bill Johnston, says that he's offering the free instruction due to the fact that cyber attacks and other malicious activities are on the rise and he has observed that service calls in the last year have included more serious operator errors than in the past.

In order to attend, students must have completed HSS Basic Operations, HSS Remote Operations and HSS Workstation Operator as prerequisites. The classes will be offered during the week of October 17 and will last one day each. Attendees will earn .8 CEUs for completing the Supervisors' Class (a $10 fee is required for CEU credits).

Supervisors, this is a great opportunity to enhance your SCADA capabilities and add CEU credits. Interested DFS users should register either by email ( or by telephone (321-259-5009).

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