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Free Training Kicks Off the New Year

Twice each year, DFS offers free training for existing customers at our headquarters in Melbourne, Florida. Twenty four customers took advantage of this offer in the January 2011 session and completed our HSS Familiarization course. Students from around the state and as far away as Missouri attended.

In these tough economic times, traveling to receive training, even if free, may be rejected by utilities on limited budgets. DFS is testing the feasibility of “webcasting” free training to reach more people. The July 2011 session is scheduled to be the first official offering of free training over the Internet in addition to the traditional classroom setting. Our hope is that through the use of this technology, more customers can take advantage of this free training offer.

HT3 Upgrade Training

Based on discussions with our customers, DFS has created a special, 1-day, HyperTac II to HT3 Conversion training course. Contact DFS for more information, pricing, and scheduling.

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