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Using Help Desk

If you are a new Help Desk user and need a Login and Password, please contact the Customer Service Manager at 321-259-5009 or send an email request to .

Although you can open service calls using Help Desk, it is best to contact DFS' Customer Service Department via telephone at 321-259-5009, ext. 1117. Web access is best used to review status of currently opened or closed calls. Feel free to submit a new call to test your interface with the application; identify the Brief Description as a Test Ticket for Training (or something like that if you wish).

We strongly recommend that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer to gain access to Help Desk. Netscape will work, but some features do not work well using Netscape.

If you are new to DFS Help Desk, the information below provides a brief overview of the functions and features of DFS Help Desk. To go directly to DFS Help Desk, click here or click the "Launch Help Desk" link that appears in the column to the right.


Enter your email address (or Login) and Password and click "Submit." If you don't have an account, call our Customer Service Department at 321-259-5009 or send an email request to

Incident List Page

After a successful login, the Incident List page opens. This page lists all currently opened incident tickets for your facility.

Filtering Incidents

If there are no incidens listed, or if you want to review past tickets, select the "Incident List" button (circled in red below)...

then select the particular "Status" you're interested in, such as "Open" or "Closed." To see all current and past calls for your facility, select the "Opened and Closed" option from the drop-down list.

Incident Details

To view the details for a particular incident, click the corresponding Incident ID number or Brief Description (both circled in red below).

Incident Info Screen

Select "Work Description" (circled in red below) to view the current information and activity relative to the selected ticket.

Work Description Screen

Updating Customer Information

To updated your facility contact information, select the "Customer Info" button (circled in red below) and then the individual you wish to update. When complete, select the Submit button and our database will be updated with the new information.

Launch Help Desk