Full-Featured SCADA User Interface

HT4, the SCADA HMI software program developed by DFS specifically for use in the water industry, is now hosted on the Internet (HT4 Cloud-SCADA). HT4’s evolving features and integrated tools are driven by our utility customers and capitalize on our decades of in the field experience. Our utility customers benefit from its low-cost life cycle and our free 24/7 support. Alarm notifications from RDP180-C and/or TCU800-C cellular RTUs are delivered immediately via text message and email. All historical data is collected and stored for reporting, trending, and analysis.

Monitoring with Cellular-Based Communication

The RDP180-C RTU is a simple, effective, and low-cost solution for cellular-based remote monitoring and manual control commands. Secure cellular networks provided by Verizon are utilized for communications. The RTU assembly is relatively small (16”H x 14”W x 8”D) and designed for ease of installation. All I/O points are prewired to terminal hardware and numbered wires. Simply apply 120V RTU power and the appropriate voltage from the monitored/controlled equipment. The unit’s I/O capability is (8) Discrete Input (to 120V Interposing Relay), (2) Discrete Output (from Dry Contacts), (1) Analog Input (0-5VDC or 4-20A signal).

Automatic Pump Control with Cellular-Based Communication

The TCU800 is a state-of-the-art pump controller designed to automate the operation of simplex, duplex and triplex sewer pumping stations. It provides intuitive off-the-shelf control of a typical fixed-speed pumping station. The TCU800 boasts a 5” touchscreen operator interface, impressive processing power, and motor protection capabilities. The TCU800 provides off-the-shelf control of up to 3 pumps using level input from floats and/or pressure transducers. TCU800-C model operates as a stand-alone automatic pump controller and includes an integrated cellular modem for SCADA. Secure cellular networks provided by Verizon are utilized for communications.

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