DFS Customer-Only Downloads

This area is for use by DFS customers only and is password protected. Contact DFS’ Service Department to obtain credentials.

Call 321-259-5009 or send an email request to service@dataflowsys.com

TCU800 Software Release / USB Update

VERSION DATE: 12/12/22


The TCU800 USB update requires a blank USB drive with at least 1GB storage capacity.  Please review the “READ ME” below for instructions.

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Process Management Toolkit (PMT)

PMT is a software suite used to configure and map I/O, program devices using ladder logic, and build custom user interfaces (screens). PMT is designed for use with the DFS PLC033/800 modules and the Open Control Solutions RDP180 Rail Device.

IMPORTANT: Before you install PMT, please read these instructions (click here).

NOTICE: Be sure to uninstall the old version of PMT before installing the new one to ensure a smooth operation.

WinRTU Test

WinRTU Test is used to test and configure a variety of DFS TACII RTU modules. It is designed to run on a portable computer running a modern MS Windows operating system. The graphical design of WinRTU Test’s interface makes testing and configuring modules quick and easy.

With WinRTU Test you can upload programs to DFS PLCs and TCUs, test digital and analog monitor and control modules, collect current status information, view radio traffic, decode radio link messages into English language statements, aid in antenna alignment and fade margin testing, and upload/download DFS PLC and TCU configurations.

IMPORTANT: Before you install WinRTU Test, please read these instructions (click here).

WinRTU Test 2.15.15 Release Notes (click here).

HyperTAC Software Update (VAR ACCESS ONLY)

Refer to EIB for release information and instructions.