Fully Integrated SCADA Server and Software

Hyper SCADA Server

The Hyper SCADA Servers are state-of-the-art, network-based, SCADA system servers ready to operate right out of the box. No matter which model you choose, your immediate needs, as well future growth, will be accommodated. All models support up to four independent radio frequencies, up to 2,020 Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), and several communication protocols.

Full-Featured SCADA User Interface

HT4 SCADA Software

HT4 was developed specifically for use in the water industry. Its evolving features and integrated tools are driven by our utility customers and capitalize on our decades of in the field experience. No license fees and no maintenance contract required. Our utility customers benefit from its low-cost life cycle, free updates, a lifetime warranty, and our free 24/7 support.

Automatic Pump Controller with Integrated SCADA Communication

TCU800 Telemetry Control Unit

The TCU800 is a state-of-the-art pump controller designed to automate the operation of simplex, duplex and triplex sewer pumping stations. It provides intuitive off-the-shelf control of a typical fixed-speed pumping station. The TCU800 boasts a 5” touchscreen operator interface, impressive processing power, and motor protection capabilities. The TCU800 provides intuitive off-the-shelf control of a typical fixed-speed pumping station using level input from floats, pressure transducers, and/or the DFS Rail Pressure Transducer (RPT001). The TCU800 operates as a stand-alone automatic pump controller and can include integrated SCADA communication such Cellular, Radio and/or Network.

Radio, Network & Cellular Communication

TACII Modular RTUs

The 200 Series RTU is a highly adaptable, high performance family of Remote Terminal Units (SCADA RTU). Designed with a great emphasis on scalability and modularity, the 200 Series RTU can be configured to maximize performance in a wide range of monitor, control and automation applications.

Cellular-Based Communication


The RDP180-C Cellular RTU is a simple, effective, and low-cost solution for cellular-based remote monitoring and control. Secure cellular networks provided by Verizon are utilized for communications. Alarm conditions are reported immediately to the user. All historical data is collected and stored for reporting, trending, and analysis.

DIN-Rail Control System

DIN-Rail Products

The DIN-Rail Control System features a highly integrated modular design and support for industry-standard Modbus ASCII, RTU, and TCP protocols, making them ideal for use in all industries. This family of products includes a PLC with Ladder Logic and HMI Software, I/O Devices, Network Conversion, and Radios.

The Rail Pressure Transducer (RPT001) Level Sensing System provides a highly reliable well level indication via 4-20mA output – offering an alternative to hanging or submerging an expensive instrument inside the wet well. Ideal for use with automatic pump controllers such as the DFS TCU800, the RPT001 also features a fault indication LED with digital output for fault monitoring by a SCADA System or Auto-Dialer.

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