Miami-Dade Compliant Cellular RTU


“Monitoring by a RDP180-MD Cellular RTU allows sufficient response time to correct the detected problem prior to overflow occurring and to minimize the extent of an overflow.”

The RDP180-MD Cellular RTU is a simple, effective, and low-cost solution for Section 24‐42.2 of the Miami‐Dade County Code requiring the monitoring of private sanitary sewer pump stations. Secure cellular networks provided by Verizon are utilized for RTU communications.

The RDP180-MD is housed in a lockable NEMA 4 outdoor enclosure, utilizes 120V power,  includes a 24-hour backup battery, and provides a total of eight (8) points of alarm notifications.

Point alarm notifications are delivered immediately by the included DFS Cloud-SCADA via text message and email. All historical data is collected and stored for reporting, trending, and analysis.

Includes the following points of alarm notifications:
1) DI: Pump Station power failure
2) DI: Pump 1 Fail
3) DI: Pump 2 Fail
4) DI: Pump 3 Fail
5) DI: High Water Level Alarm
6) DI: Pump station control panel alarm activation
7) DI: Spare point 1 available for future use
8) DI: Spare point 2  available for future use

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