SCADA Solutions

Since 1981, DFS has provided hundreds of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems and thousands of RTUs to our customers throughout the United States. These systems range from small water control utilities and districts to large county-wide wastewater collection systems. DFS also has extensive experience as a supplier of process automation connected to SCADA. Projects we’ve provided include large pumping stations with complex algorithms to complete treatment plant process control systems. Regardless of the size of your utility or the complexity of the application, we have your solution.


SCADA as a Service (SaaS)

Enjoy the benefits of a bona fide SCADA System, tailored to meet your specific SCADA requirements, for a simple monthly service fee. No capital purchase is required. The SCADA hardware and software are supplied with the service and its use is included with the monthly service fee. The service also includes lifetime warranties, product repairs, upgrades, and DFS technical support for the entire life of the service. Under this service, you can simply enjoy the benefits of SCADA, while DFS assumes the task of keeping it in perfect operating condition.

Customer Benefits

Customer Training

The goal of the DFS Customer Training Program is to present technical information, and ultimately, enable the customer to operate and maintain the DFS SCADA system without the need for outside technical assistance. The program is supported by human instructors and product-oriented courseware.
All DFS training courses can be conducted at our Melbourne, FL headquarters, or brought to a customer location. Our Mobile Training System consists of a SCADA Central and functional RTUs. Students receive “hands-on” training without having to disrupt the operation of any in-service equipment.
Free training is also offered at our Melbourne, FL headquarters several times each year.

Training Features

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Routine Maintenance Services

Success or failure of any SCADA component in the SCADA system can profoundly affect the ability to maintain intended performance levels. Proactive maintenance treats the SCADA system as a mission-critical asset to maximize its performance, help prevent system failures, and to protect your investment.
Although DFS doesn’t require maintenance contracts to receive support, we’re here to help on an as-needed basis. To this end, DFS offers site-specific onsite inspection and routine maintenance services to our existing system users at discounted rates.

Maintenance Goals

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Customer Support

DFS is committed to providing an excellent customer support experience on every call.  Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!  Visit the Support page.

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