TCU800 Telemetry Control Unit

The TCU800 is a state-of-the-art pump controller designed to automate the operation of simplex, duplex and triplex sewer pumping stations. It provides intuitive off-the-shelf control of a typical fixed-speed pumping station. The TCU800 boasts a 5” touchscreen operator interface, impressive processing power, and motor protection capabilities. The TCU800 provides off-the-shelf control of up to 3 pumps using level input from floats, pressure transducers, and/or the DFS Rail Pressure Transducer (RPT001). The TCU800 operates as a stand-alone automatic pump controller and can include integrated SCADA communication such Cellular, Radio and/or Network.

How-to Videos

Replacing the TCU001 with the TCU800
How to Configure Your TCU800
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